• Ten years ago GoodLeaf Farms planted a seed: a promise to provide Canadians with better access to fresh, nutritious, and pesticide-free baby greens and microgreens through indoor vertical farming.

    Taking a page from the indoor hydroponic farms of metropolitan Japan, GoodLeaf Farms opened a similar operation in Nova Scotia. GoodLeaf eventually transplanted its roots to Guelph, Ontario, where it thrives (the facility in Nova Scotia is now GoodLeaf’s research and development lab). Today, GoodLeaf grows ten different varieties of baby greens and microgreens, all without pesticides.

    Montel has been fortunate to partner with GoodLeaf, along side Signify to accompany the business as it continues to live up to its farm-to-fork philosophy.


  • Like others in the vertical indoor farming space the team at GoodLeaf Farms saw a future where this intersection of agriculture and technology supplements traditional farming to better serve the health and well-being of urban living. Not everyone has access to nutritional food, and shipping food across the continent takes a toll on the environment and the food itself. From its headquarters in Guelph, Ontario, GoodLeaf Farms can act as a local provider and distribution hub to many nearby Canadian cities, but feeding whole cities a steady diet of leafy greens means the company needs reliable vertical farming solutions to bolster their operations.


  • GoodLeaf teamed up with Montel to add GROWRAKs to its germination and grow rooms. Our classic static racking system for vertical farming, GROWRAK supports GoodLeaf’s commitment to future-focused community-level farming by incorporating its legacy eco-friendly irrigation technology into the new hardware. The installation also includes cutting-edge LED grow lights at every level for maximum and precise photon absorption.


  • GoodLeaf’s GROWRAK systems have allowed them to better realize their dream of a healthier, more environmentally friendly future through vertical farming. Every cubic meter of space utilized for germinating, growing, or any other crucial operation is additive to the core mission of the company. GoodLeaf’s GROWRAK multi-tier vertical farming system increases its yield and allows it to serve more people all year long, not just during the right growing seasons or ideal weather conditions.

    And with a built-in irrigation system designed to reclaim and reuse 90 percent of the water used to grow their baby greens and microgreens, GoodLeaf Farms maintains its reputation of sustainability.

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