1. What are the cubic dimensions of your germination and growing spaces?

  • As the name suggests, vertical farming is just as much about growing up as it is about growing out, maximizing whatever space your business has down to the last cubic meter. Before you approach a vertical farming equipment provider, map out your growing and germination stages and run through a day in the life of their employees.

2. What materials do you plan to use to grow?

    Agriculture has always been a science, but indoor farming takes it to a whole new level, with nutrient-rich growing mediums and multiple interconnected irrigation, ventilation, lighting, and monitoring systems.


    How exactly you plan to grow, the process from germination to cultivation, will inform what your vertical farming system will require. A simple example is tiered vertical farming architecture and lighting. For total coverage over your canopy, vertical farming necessitates lighting dedicated to each tier as opposed to overhead ambient lighting.


    The more you know about how you’ll grow, the better your vertical farming solution provider can equip you with the hardware you’ll need to achieve your vision.

3. Are you choosing vertical farming solutions that can scale up?

  • Vertical farming already allows farmers to maximize their yield by optimizing the space they already have, but any indoor grow operation ought to plan for what comes next.


  • Do you expect to add more tiers or bays? Would you rearrange your facility or reclaim space dedicated to non-growing operations? Vertical farming can put small growers into big markets, which is why indoor growers need to partner with vertical farming solution providers like Montel who specialize in adaptive systems that can expand alongside you.

  • Intelligent vertical farming systems are the answer.

  • If you’ve answered these vertical farming questions, need help answering them, or have a few questions of your own, talk to your local Authorized Montel Distributor today. Our vertical farming and engineering experts can support you as you make the move indoors.

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