Despite being in a semi-retired state, Michal foresaw the potential within the cannabis industry during Canada's 2018 legalization.

  • Alongside five partners, they entered this unfamiliar territory, facing challenges in constructing and outfitting their factory. A pivotal moment occurred in January 2019 when Montel's expertise, sought for quality and high-performance systems, played a crucial role in their venture's success.

The subsequent seven-month wait for regulatory approval tested their patience, but the team received their license in August 2019.

    Drawing parallels from his aerospace background, Michal highlights the efficiency of Montel's vertical cultivation systems, which have operated seamlessly for three years within 30x30x22 feet cultivation chambers that showcase both innovation and practicality.

Despite facing delays in Phase 2 due to market downturns, Michal expresses a steadfast commitment to utilizing Montel's systems.

  • He acknowledges the industry's challenges, emphasizing the need for efficiency in response to market prices and imposed taxes.

Michal reflects on significant milestones, including the year-long license acquisition process and the expansion into international markets such as Germany, England, Portugal, and Spain.

  • Confident in the industry's future, he envisions positioning Canada as a global leader in cannabis production. We extend our best wishes for continued success in their pioneering endeavors.

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