Benefits of clones

  • Consistency

  • With cloning, you know exactly what you’re getting. Clones are clipped directly from the parent plant and are genetically identical down to their terpene content and THC levels. If you’re clipping clones from a female plant, you’re guaranteed a female clone.

  • Moreover, so long as you adequately care for your plants, proper cloning practices provide an virtually endless supply of duplicate plants. Growing with seeds, on the other hand, is less predictable, as there is no guarantee that seeds will germinate, though of course many will.

  • Faster time to harvest

  • By the time a clone is ready for vegetation, it’s already well on its way to flowering, which not only cuts down on cultivation time but also reduces risks associated with a longer grow cycle.

Benefits of seeds


    Compared to clones, seeds are agricultural blank slates, free from exposure to contaminants like pests and mold. Additionally, growing from seeds allows each plant to develop a taproot, which penetrates the earth deeply to absorb more water than merely what’s available on the surface.

    For controlled-environment agriculture, plants will likely not need to search for water as they would outdoors. But a taproot keeps a plant sturdy, so growing from seed aligns well with “screen of green” indoor growing methods, where growers raise fewer, taller plants over a longer growing cycle instead of many, smaller single-bloom plants that are quick to harvest, also known as the “sea of green” method.

    Genetic diversity

    For the cannabis producer looking to experiment with traits, seeds provide a greater array of phenotypes than clones. Any seed could become the mother plant to your next popular strain, or contain an attribute you’ve been searching for.

    Easier to store

    There’s a substantive difference between the resources a commercial cannabis operation must devote to clones versus seeds. Clones required a climate-controlled space all their own to prevent cross-contamination, as well as preventative measures such as protective gear and even the design of the space itself. But all seeds need is a dry, cool place away from possible pests who might snack on them.

Vertical farming for clone rooms and seed storage

  • Whether you grow from clones or seeds, Montel has helped all types of indoor farms map out their spaces and realize their dreams of highly efficient and sustainable agriculture.

  • We’ve developed a blockbuster catalog of high-density vertical farming systems for clone rooms and tissue culture rooms and accessories—all intelligently designed, fully customizable, simple to operate, and easily adjustable without special tools.

  • Contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor to learn about how Montel can turn your seed of an idea—or clone of an idea, we’re not picking a favorite!—into a reality.

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