• Plants expend a lot of energy stretching their roots to search for nutrients in their soil, energy that could be better spent growing and flowering. So what if farmers simply exposed roots directly to the nutrients?

  • Hydroponics does just that. Instead of soil, hydroponic plants sit in a specific growing media, which directly exposes their roots to nutrient-rich water. Because those nutrients are more readily accessible, the energy these plants expend goes exclusively to photosynthesis and breaking down the water molecules their roots soak up. That means a faster, more reliable maturation cycle.

  • The results speak for themselves: far less water consumption than traditional farming, especially when you invest in water reclamation systems, a higher overall yield, and a faster time to harvest.


    Aeroponic technology exposes a plant’s roots to the open air and mists them with nutrient-infused water on a schedule. Like hydroponics, aeroponics utilizes special media to hold plants in place. But unlike hydroponics, that media is not at the root level, and instead of a water reclamation system, aeroponics employs a simpler mechanism for reclaiming the nutrient-rich water it uses: a reservoir.

    The hydro-atomized water used in aeroponics dramatically decreases a farmer’s water consumption—up to 98 percent less than traditional farming—not to mention the savings in fertilizers and other nutrients, none of which leech into the groundwater or hurt the local wildlife.

Drip irrigation

  • Imagine a world where your plants receive just the right amount of water, Exactly where they need it. Say hello to drip irrigation.

  • While drip irrigation can be used with soil cultivation, it is most commonly used with coco, peat or rockwool, for a more precise delivery in an indoor environment.

  • Benefits of drip irrigation for plants:

    • Precise water delivery: Drip irrigation ensures a precise and targeted supply of water and nutrients directly to the plants root zone. This method minimizes water wastage and prevents nutrient runoff, leading to more efficient water usage

    • Consistent nutrient distribution: Drip systems can be easily integrated with nutrient solutions, delivering a consistent blend of essential nutrients to each plant. This promotes uniform growth and maximizes the plant's potential.

    • Time and labor savings: once set up, a drip irrigation system requires minimal manual intervention, freeing up your time for other important tasks in the cultivation process.

  • Drip irrigation offers a range of benefits for cultivators, from precise water and nutrient delivery to disease prevention and time savings. By setting up and maintaining an effective drip irrigation system, you can provide your plants with ideal growing conditions, leading to healthier, more vigorous growth and higher yields. Remember to tailor your system to the specific needs of your plants and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Are You Ready to Go Soil Free?

  • Are you interested in hydroponic or aeroponic technology, but not ready to implement them full-scale at your vertical indoor farm? The good news is, these technologies are great for smaller, scientifically precise operations.

  • If you clone your cannabis plants instead of growing from seed, think about a small-scale hydroponic- or aeroponic-powered clone room as a proof of concept. These agricultural advances are ideal in laboratory conditions that aim to produce highly potent and productive cannabis. They’re perfect for developing your next great strain or experimenting with crossbreeding.

  • If you’re looking to build any hydroponic or aeroponic infrastructure at your indoor farm, big or small, talk to the vertical farming experts at Montel. Whether you’re looking to update your clone room or expand your grow or flowering rooms, your local Authorized Montel Distributor can get you started with a free no-obligation consultation, including 2D and 3D renderings.

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