PATENT PENDING - Vertical Farming Catwalk GreenWalk™️

GreenWalk™️ is a fully integrated retractable in-rack cantilever scaffold for multi-tier indoor vertical farming. With its lightweight high grade aluminum construction but sturdy built-in catwalk system, GreenWalk™️ empowers growers to optimize space utilization, streamline operations, and maximize yields like never before. GreenWalk™️ is so simple, it’s revolutionary. It mounts directly to your GREENRAK® mobile vertical farming grow rack system with easy-to-use snap-and-hook hardware. No modifications to your existing system are required. Once GreenWalk™️ is simply retracted, unlike other industry's scaffolds mounted between two mobile carriages, all aisles and crops remain accessible at all times thereby the entire Montel GREENRAK® high-density mobile system is always fully operational. No piece-by-piece setup and teardown necessary, and no extra storage space or room needed so you're never at risk of cross-contamination.


High-Density Multi-Level Mobile Vertical Farming Mastery

GREENRAK® 2.0 is poised to revolutionize high-density vertical horticulture, offering growers exceptional versatility and high-performance solutions for optimizing space and productivity. The newly designed mechanical column assembly, now factory-sealed to prevent unexpected water exposure, significantly expedites the installation process. A resilient polymer outer shell ensures hassle-free upkeep and sustained durability. Our 2.0 version has been meticulously crafted to optimize vertical farming, bringing substantial improvements in efficiency and functionality.


Elevating Configurability

Montel's GROWRAK™️ 2.0 is a testament to our commitment to full customizability, flexibility, and corrosion resistance—setting a new benchmark for efficient and space-saving vertical farming. This innovative solution optimizes space between frames, ensuring better airflow and ventilation while accommodating oversized trays and other equipment. It is supplied with an ultra-reflective antimicrobial powder-coated white paint, making it FDA compliant and in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. Seamlessly integrating with Montel's GREENRAK® 2.0 mobile grow systems, it offers a versatile, efficient, and growth-focused solution for your horticultural needs.

LoopAir® 2.0

Built-in-Rack w/ Consistent Airflow - Patent Pending

LoopAir® 2.0 signifies a forthcoming leap in controlled air regulation. This innovative system is set to establish a stable environment that consistently supports plant development. It will offer a comprehensive air circulation solution for high-density mobile grow systems, effectively addressing microclimate issues by regulating airflow, evaporation, and plant growth on each vertical tier, all without the need for air extraction. This new version will simplify the process by delivering continuous fresh air to plants, incorporating high-performance fans and flexible plastic tubes. The inline duct blowers not only offer superior air performance but also operate quietly. Fresh air will be drawn in from the top or bottom of the canopy and directed toward the plants, ensuring effective airflow throughout the entire canopy at every level, even reaching the plants regular fans can't.

SmartDrain™️ Plug&Grow Trays

Streamlined Drainage - Patented

Our patented SmartDrain sets a new standard for efficient drainage, designed for optimal water management, plant support, and superior hygiene. Its innovative design showcases unique channel patterns that enhance drainage and minimize standing water. The system includes a 90° elbow drain to reduce hose space and a recessed drain to prevent water pooling. Furthermore, a filter on the drain fitting prevents clogs and is available with either a 3/4" or 1" drain fitting. The smooth surface finish simplifies cleaning, saves time, and boasts an ultra-reflective white ABS polymer for enhanced light reflection, adhering to FDA guidelines.


Quick & Easy Crop Access - Patent Pending

The name SPEEDDECK™️ perfectly encapsulates its purpose. Engineered to streamline workflow, it enables swift equipment movement along the aisle and seamless transfers. This built-in rack lightweight aluminum movable platform can be easily deployed and remains assembled when transitioning to the next aisle. It's versatile, accommodating multiple individuals, and quickly adjustable for optimal crop access.

Universal Sloped Tray & Light Supports

Enhancing Drainage and Optimizing Light Positioning - Patented

This exceptional duo seamlessly combines improved drainage functionality with efficient tray and LED light suspension. Its compatibility extends to a wide range of LED lights in the industry, providing multiple anchoring points for diverse hanging options. Universal supports feature multiple slots for compatibility with various LED light fixtures and are strategically designed to create a gentle incline for Montel's SmartDrain trays ensuring effective water drainage to one side.



Our precisely engineered single-tier mobile benches provide a safer, more accessible, and more ergonomic work environment. Increase your production area and optimize the work space between your benches.


Heavy-Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Carriage

Grow even more with the GROW&ROLL® 8MA mobile system, the heavy-duty version of Montel's GREENRAK™. The GROW&ROLL® 8MA can withstand up to 8,000 lb per bay (3630 kg). With our SafeCrank technology, you can easily open up aisles and access your plants quickly.


Heavy-Duty Powered-Electrical Mobile Carriage

Grow even more with the GROW&ROLL™ 8P powered mobile system, the electrified version of the GROW&ROLL™ series. The GROW&ROLL™ 8P can withstand 8,000 lb per bay (3630 kg). Move your aisles remotely to streamline your growing processes.


Heavy-Duty Vertical Grow Racking

Montel’s GROWRAK HD is the heavy-duty version of its little brother GROWRAK. It is engineered for higher-capacity vertical farming applications and for taller static or mobile grow systems.


Combination Grow Trays

The corrugated ultra-reflective white trays are designed with unique grooves and a built-in slope for better drainage. They are are provided with drain fittings and screens.



Our SMARTSHELF® is the smart alternative to regular shelving for your clone and tissue rooms. With two technologies in a single post frame, you can store virtually anything. Our patented boltless shelving provides two alternatives you can mix and match: a fully adjustable shelving system with hooks and a load capacity of up to 300 lb per shelf, or a shelving system with shelf supports and reinforcements capable of withstanding a load capacity of up to 500 lb per shelf.



The wire mesh decking supports trays and allows for various lighting attachment. It is also designed with upside down reinforcements to eliminate standing water.



Great for transportation between vegetation and flowering rooms. Perforated shelves available for better airflow.



Great for transportation between flower and drying rooms.



Our carts provide enhanced functionality, effective mobility, and sturdiness to the of different environments in your grow facility.


Plain or perforated shelves for better airflow.

Great for transportation between the vegetation, flowering, drying, and curing rooms.


What's behind your counter?

Our light-duty drawer storage cabinets can accommodate all your dispensaries storage needs. These drawers are made of 18-gauge steel and supplied with a recessed handle. They are provided with full-extensions ball bearing slides and are offered in various sizes depending on your unique needs. Our light-duty drawer storage cabinets are provided with an interlock drawer system locking and unlocking all drawers at once. The locking mechanism is located at the center of the cabinet top. Cabinet tops and side panels are made of 18-gauge steel, while base is provided with adjustable levelers.


Manual or Mechanical-Assist Mobile shelving system

Operated with our horizontal handle or with our 3-spoke SafeCrank handle, SmartSpace 2M manuel or SmartSpace 2MA mechanical-assist mobile shelving systems bring practical, efficient, and cost-effective storage solutions.

Drying Bud Cart


Heavy-duty, lightweight, and intelligently designed—elevate your indoor farm with Montel drying carts.

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