Our carts provide enhanced functionality, effective mobility, and sturdiness to the of different environments in your grow facility.

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Tissue Culture Room

  • Vegetation Room
  • Flowering Room

Dimensions & Load Capacity

  • # OF TIERS: FROM 2 TO 4

Key Features

Offered in various shelf sizes and models:

    • Durable powder-coat paint finishes, preventing marks and scratches.
    • Maximum strength and durability for supporting heavier loads.
    • Heavy-duty casters for easy transportation in any environment.
    • A wide range of accessories.
    • Great for transportation between vegetation and flowering rooms.
    • Optional perforated shelves for better airflow.


Make more productive use of your grow space with our comprehensive line of carts. Whether for transporting plants or holding tools and equipment, our carts offer mobility, durability, and flexibility.

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