Our precisely engineered single-tier mobile benches provide a safer, more accessible, and more ergonomic work environment. Increase your production area and optimize the work space between your benches.

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Paired with

Tissue Culture Room

  • Mother Room
  • Vegetation Room
  • Flowering Room
  • Drying Room

Dimensions & Load Capacity

  • Maximum Load Capacity Per Single-Level Mobile Carriage: 3,000 lb (1,361 kg)
  • Maximum Load Capacity Per Mobile Bench Section: 400 lb (181 kg)
  • Maximum Carriage Length (Actual): 50' (15.24 m)
    Note: 56’ (17.07 m) long carriages available if approved by Montel’s technical department

Key Features

Here’s why quality is not expensive but priceless:

    • Easier to clean the floor with no cumbersome side members on the carriage
    • Lowest surface-mounted track in the industry: ⅜” (9.52 mm)
    • One-piece track is rust-free and made of aluminum
    • Stainless steel alignment spring pins
    • Industrial-grade wheels are rust-free glass-filled
    • Stainless steel ball bearings
    • Sleek wheel channels
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Stainless steel structural drive shaft
    • Powder-coated stainless steel drive shafts are sealed and rust-proof
    • Confined chain mechanisms
    • Non-emitting VOC phenolic handles are durable and easy to clean
    • Large white bumpers made of non-emitting VOC
    • SafeCrank aisle safety push-button

Key Benefits

    • Much easier to clean the floor so full clearance to clean the floor under the mobile grow rack units
    • Provides greater reach to trim the plants further back on both sides of providing full clearance for feet and ankles to tuck under the mobile units
    • Prevents stepping hazards allowing wheelchairs, carts, rolling harvest platforms, and forklifts to roll over easily
    • Easier to clean since a one-piece track does not collect debris or dirt, no need to insert a steel or stainless steel track, secured to the floor with stainless steel concrete screws
    • Aluminium is corrosion-resistant
    • Rust-proof alignment spring pins provide continuity between rails eliminating lateral and vertical movements
    • Rust-free wheels will leave no rust residues on the floor during movement of the mobile units.
    • Durable industrial-grade wheels will last for decades
    • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, gases, acids, steam cleaning
    • Made from recycled and environmentally friendly material
    • Rust-proof ball bearings increase PRODUCT durability
    • Designed to optimize water flow downwards and therefore prevent standing water and rust formation
    • All hardware is made of rust-proof stainless steel
    • Rust-proof stainless steel drive shaft increases PRODUCT durability



  • Railless aisle obstruction-free mobile carriages (requires one single guided track along the far end of the mobile carriage)
    Note: Floor must be in good condition and the floor levelness must be within tolerances provided by Montel’s technical department.
  • No numerous in-aisle tracks provide greater accessibility for lifts, carts, rolling harvest platforms, ladders, wheelchairs to move swiftly and safely in the aisles
  • Cleaning is much more efficient as there are no more obstructions in the aisles


  • Surface-mounted seismic track
  • Compliance with seismic codes
  • Or embedded seismic track
  • Flush with concrete floor since existing floor can be cut to create a trench for track assembly
  • Embedded aluminum track is coated to act as a barrier against oxidation caused by aluminum and fresh concrete
  • Easy-to-clean one-piece rust-free aluminum seismic track
  • Seismic compliant
  • Aluminium is rust-free
  • Easier to clean since a one-piece track does not collect debris or dirt. No need to insert a steel or stainless steel track.
  • Built-in anti-tip channel seismic track
  • Structrurally sound one-piece sleek low profile seismic track
  • Low profile surface-mounted seismic track
  • Prevents stepping hazards allowing wheelchairs, carts, rolling harvest platforms, and forklifts to roll over easily
  • Stainless steel alignment spring pin
  • Rust-proof alignment spring pin provide continuity between rails eliminating lateral and vertical movements
  • Ultimate performance mechanically galvanized screw anchors
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Optional ultimate performance stainless steel screw anchors
  • Rust-proof screw anchors

Vertical Farming Video on Mobile Benches VS Rolling Benches | Why did Verdélite make the switch?

William and Verdélite sought to maximize their capacity and streamline their workflow. And you can’t do that with traditional rolling benches. In our opinion, the attention that William and his team of 70 bring to work every day deserves a high-density mobile vertical growing system that can fuel their creativity and yield cycle after cycle of unparalleled flower power.


Why a trolley mobile system is better than a carriage mobile system for your mobile vertical farm.


What kind of space will you need tomorrow?

Will your growing space requirements be greater?

The GREENRAK® 2.0 MOBILE BENCH makes it easy to expand so you can face the future with peace of mind. To make the most of your space, it’s best to avoid fixed structures.

That’s why the GREENRAK® 2.0 MOBILE BENCH is designed to be configured and reconfigured efficiently as you expand your grow facility and add additional grow levels. The only good solution is a flexible solution. Montel’s GREENRAK® 2.0 MOBILE BENCH systems cut back space-wasting aisles. With one aisle, you double your growing capacity with the same square footage without having to move, acquire new land, expand, or build a new facility. Maximize use of your available space to increase yields, free up room for your grow operation, or get rid of space you do not need to pay for. The key to increasing your yield and profits is optimizing your grow space along both axes and thus maximizing your cubic footage. By using a mobile bench system versus static racking, you avoid lighting empty aisles without crops, thereby optimizing energy consumption.


Looking to optimize the vertical space in your greenhouse and still benefit from natural light?

Why not have natural lighting on the upper level and artificial lighting for levels under?

It is now possible to swap your food crops or cannabis plants from natural to artificial lighting and vice versa depending on the weather.

If your greenhouse is shaped like a dome, the tiers along the sides would be lower, then higher and higher as the racks run toward the middle of the greenhouse and the tallest point of the dome.

With its engineered gear ratios and high-quality components, GREENRAK® 2.0 MOBILE BENCH is the most durable and smoothest-running mobile grow bench system on the market.


Once you give GREENRAK® 2.0 MOBILE BENCH a spin, you will never want to use conventional static rolling benches again for the following reasons:

  • More square footage for growing horizontally since there is no wasted space between each aisle.
  • Freedom to create aisles of 36” (91.44 cm) to 90” (2.29 m) depending on the design versus very narrow aisles for rolling benches, which average, in most instances, 17” (43.18 cm) to 24” (60.96 cm).
  • Workflow is optimized, with better accessibility and more room to trim plants (ADA compliant).
  • Flexibility to move multiple mobile carriage units all at once versus the restriction of moving one stationary rolling bench fixed to the ground, which can usually roll only 8.5” (21.59 cm) from the center.
  • No need to bend over to move one or multiple mobile units since SafeCrank handles are within arm’s reach and at hips level.
  • Upgradable from single-tier benches to higher tiers of up to 20’ (6.1 m) in height in the future.
  • Each grow rack section is adjustable in height at every 2” (51 mm) and can also be sloped with inclined tray supports for better drainage.
  • Some rolling benches can also be sloped.
  • Safer with SafeCrank aisle safety push-button, and larger aisles, versus some conventional rolling benches with narrower aisles and no built-in safety measures.

More Benefits

  • Powder-coated drive shafts are sealed at each end blocking water from entering the pipes and preventing bacteria proliferation
  • All chain mechanisms are confined to block any unexpected water splash, and thusly prevent rust
  • Handles are fitted with smooth finish black phenolic knobs for easy cleaning and durability
  • Ensure a smooth stop after carriages displacement Protects plants and equipment
  • Easy to press and depress large round push-button lock
  • Visible red rim along the outer rim when locked
  • Band act as color-coded visual indicator of its locked state
  • Compliance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations
  • Superior LED light reflection

Additional Benefits

  • Fungal resistant
  • UV stable
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Easy to clean
  • Outstanding durability and superior chemical, stain, and scratch resistance
  • Retains antimicrobial properties even after repeated cleanings
  • Provides long-lasting protection
  • Outdoor durability, meets and exceeds AAMA 2603 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can contribute to LEED credits

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