SmartDrain Plug & Grow Trays

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Montel's SmartDrain Plug&Grow Trays feature an innovative channel pattern engineered to maximize the drainage flow and reduce any standing water while maintaining a sturdy construction to properly support the load of the plants. The material is FDA compliant and its smooth finish creates an easy-to-clean surface to minimize the time and effort put into the cleaning process. It is designed to be installed with a slope on Montel's sloped tray supports.

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Tissue Culture Room

  • Mother Room
  • Vegetation Room
  • Flowering Room

Key Features

    • Ultra-Reflective FDA White
    • Sturdy Construction
    • Rounded Corners
    • Drainage Parallel Channels with Unique Sideways Tree Grooves
    • Recessed Drain
    • Plug&Grow 90° Elbow Drain Fitting and Filter

Key Benefits

    • The ultra-white ABS polymer offers great light reflection and is FDA compliant for food contact.
    • The ABS material is ideal for increased rigidity while integrating unique drainage channels that are also serving as stiffeners.
    • All edges have rounded corners for easy cleaning.
    • Drainage channels and grooves are designed to optimize the water flow for quick and efficient drainage.
    • The single drain is located on the front face to minimize drainage installation and are recessed to minimize water pockets created by the drain fitting.
    • The 90° elbow drain reduces the footprint of the drain hoses and minimizes standing water. The filter mounted on top of the drain fitting prevents leaves and residues from clogging the drain.


    • SmartDrain Plug&Grow trays are used to support the plants while maintaining proper drainage. They are compatible with Montel's static GROWRAK racking system, or they can be installed on Montel’s mobile grow systems GREENRAK and GROW&ROLL 8MA. They are installed on sloped tray supports (see technical data sheet M01.164.009).



Width : 48", 96" (1.2 m, 2.4 m)

Depth : 48" (1.2 m)

Height : 3.5" (89 mm)

Weight : 11 lbs, 26 lbs (5.0 kg, 11.8 kg)

Maximum Uniform Load Capacity : 200 lbs (91 kg)

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