Why vertical farming Grow Rack systems?

Grow smarter vertically.

You can grow up to six tiers in a cannabis flower room and up to twenty-five tiers if you grow leafy greens, microgreens, herbs, berries, or mushrooms. 

Why horizontal farming mobile Grow Rack systems?

There is a lot of talk about vertical farming, but not much about horizontal farming. Why? Because conventional horizontal grow systems require space-wasting fixed aisles.

But Montel mobile grow rack systems cut back space-wasting aisles. With only one aisle, you double your growing capacity within the same square footage without having to expand.

Grow more intelligently horizontally. In most cases, Montel’s high-density growing systems save up to 50% of your floor space and accommodate growth for other uses while increasing revenue. They could also give you 100% more growing capacity within the original floor space, eliminating the need to move, expand, or build a new facility.

Why cubic footage (cubic meters) farming systems?

The key to increasing your yield and profits is optimizing your grow space along both axis and thus maximizing your cubic footage.

Montel’s high-capacity mobile growing systems maximize the use of available space by increasing growing capacity, freeing up room for grow operations, or getting rid of space or land you do not need to pay for.

Montel’s mobile grow racks optimize energy consumption. By using a mobile vertical grow rack system versus static racking, you avoid lighting empty aisles without crops. To reduce your electricity bills, consider equipping your indoor farm with solar panels.


Mitigates arable land scarcity

Grow more with less land™

Eliminates pesticides

Grow more with no pesticides or herbicides

Improves local food insecurity

Grow more where you sell

Optimize Electricity


Preserves land

Grow more while preserving land

Prevents crop waste or crop loss

Grow high-quality crops consistently 365 days a year without fear of environmental factors like climate change, weather, or the spread of disease

Reduces water waste

Grow more with less water™

Saves indoor space

Grow more with less space®

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