Heavy-Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Carriage

Grow even more with the GROW&ROLL® 8MA mobile system, the heavy-duty version of Montel's GREENRAK™. The GROW&ROLL® 8MA can withstand up to 8,000 lb per bay (3630 kg). With our SafeCrank technology, you can easily open up aisles and access your plants quickly.

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Paired with

Tissue Culture Room

  • Vegetation Room
  • Flowering Room

Dimensions & Load Capacity

  • Maximum Load Capacity Per Mobile Carriage: 24,000 lb (10,886 kg)
  • Maximum Load Capacity Per Bay: Up to 8,000 lb (3,629 kg)
  • Maximum Carriage Length: 50' (15.24 m)
    Note : 56' (17.07 m) long carriages available if approved by Montel’s technical department
  • Maximum Racking Height Mounted on Mobile Carriage: 26' (7.92 m)
    Note: Racking higher than this requires approval from Montel’s technical department.

Key Features

Here’s why quality is not expensive but priceless:

    • Rust-proof surface-mounted stainless steel track
    • Or rust-proof embedded stainless steel track
    • Stainless steel track anchors (surface mounted track and embedded track)
    • Lowest ⅜” (9.52 mm) surface-mounted track in the industry
    • Easy-to-clean one-piece stainless steel track
    • Rust-proof stainless steel high-capacity wheels
    • Stainless steel ball bearings
    • Sturdy and sleek wheel channels
    • Painted and sealed drive tubes
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Confined chain mechanisms
    • Easy-to-clean durable non-emitting VOC phenolic handle knobs
    • Large non-emitting white bumpers
    • SafeCrank aisle safety push-button

Key Benefits

    • Stainless steel is rust-proof
    • Flush with concrete floor (existing floor can be cut to create a trench for track assembly)
    • Prevents stepping hazards allowing wheelchairs, carts, rolling harvest platforms, and forklifts to move around easily
    • One-piece track does not collect debris or dirt
    • No need to insert a steel or stainless steel track
    • Secured to the floor with stainless steel concrete screws
    • Rust-proof high-capacity stainless steel wheels
    • Structural steel wheel channels designed to hold heavier loads
    • Designed to optimize water flow downward and prevent standing water and rust formation
    • Powder-coated drive shafts are sealed at each end blocking water from entering the pipes and preventing bacteria proliferation



  • Built-in one-piece seismic track
  • Seismic-compliant anti-tipping technology
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Lowest (9.52 mm) embedded seismic track in the industry
  • Prevents stepping hazards allowing wheelchairs, carts, rolling harvest platforms, and forklifts to move around easily

Why did Cannerald choose Montel's Vertical Grow Rack System?

“We set quality at the highest point,” said Levin Amweg, co-founder of Cannerald, “so we wanted the same for our equipment.” In each of Cannerald’s two main flower rooms, Montel’s four two-tiered vertical grow racks effectively doubled their growing potential and cut their footprint in half, all while making it easier for growers to care for their plants.


Montel’s GROW&ROLL®8MA heavy-duty mechanical-assist carriages are built bigger and are better equipped to withstand heavier loads than its little brother GREENRAK®.

GROW&ROLL®8MA mobile grow rack systems cuts back space-wasting aisles. With one aisle, you can double your growing capacity with the same square footage without having to move, acquire new land, expand, or build a new facility. Maximize your available space to increase yields, free up room for your grow operation, or get rid of space you don’t need. The key to increasing your yield and profits is optimizing your grow space along both the horizontal and vertical axes, thus maximizing your cubic footage. By using a mobile vertical grow rack system instead of static racking, you avoid lighting empty aisles without crops, thereby optimizing energy consumption. With its engineered gear ratios and high-quality components, GROW&ROLL®8MA is the most durable and smoothest-running mobile grow rack system on the market.


Once you give GROW&ROLL®8MA a spin, you will never want to use other vertical growing equipment.

With its engineered gear ratios and high-quality components, GROW&ROLL®8MA heavy-duty mobile carriage is the most durable and smoothest-running mobile grow rack system on the market.

More Benefits

  • All hardware is made of rust-proof, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Confined chain mechanisms block water and prevent rust
  • Handles are fitted with black phenolic knobs for a smooth finish, easy cleaning, and durability
  • Carriages comes to a smooth stop
  • Protects plants and equipment
  • Push-button locks are easy to spot and operate (red trim visible along outer rim when locked)
  • Compliant with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations
  • Superior LED light reflection

Additional Benefits

  • Fungus resistant
  • UV stable
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Outstanding durability and superior chemical, stain, and scratch resistance
  • Retains antimicrobial properties even after repeated cleanings
  • Outdoor durability meets and exceeds AAMA 2603 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can contribute to LEED credits


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