PATENT PENDING - Vertical Farming Catwalk GreenWalk™️

GreenWalk™️ is a fully integrated retractable in-rack cantilever scaffold for multi-tier indoor vertical farming. With its lightweight high grade aluminum construction but sturdy built-in catwalk system, GreenWalk™️ empowers growers to optimize space utilization, streamline operations, and maximize yields like never before. GreenWalk™️ is so simple, it’s revolutionary. It mounts directly to your GREENRAK® mobile vertical farming grow rack system with easy-to-use snap-and-hook hardware. No modifications to your existing system are required. Once GreenWalk™️ is simply retracted, unlike other industry's scaffolds mounted between two mobile carriages, all aisles and crops remain accessible at all times thereby the entire Montel GREENRAK® high-density mobile system is always fully operational. No piece-by-piece setup and teardown necessary, and no extra storage space or room needed so you're never at risk of cross-contamination.

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Tissue Culture Room

  • Mother Room
  • Vegetation Room
  • Flowering Room
  • Drying Room


  • Length 4', 8' (1.2m, 2.4m)
  • Width 23" (58.4cm)
  • Weight Capacity 650 lbs per 8' section (295kg per 2.4m section)
  • Step Ladder 3' to 10' (0.9m to 3.0m)

Key Features

    • Lightweight & Sturdy Aluminum Construction
    • Easy Hook and Snap Installation
    • Low-Profile Adjustable Bracket
    • Simultaneous Platforms on Both Sides
    • In-Rack Retractable
    • Safety Bar
    • Cantilever End Supports
    • Step Ladder


    • Entirely made of high grade aluminum, the GreenWalk™️ is lightweight and can support up to 650 lbs per 8' section.
    • The innovative design allows the user to easily hook the platform on the mobile and then flip & snap it to the adjacent mobile.
    • With alow-profile design, the platform brackets, located at each post, can be installed at the desired height in every aisle. No need to remove and reinstall at every platform aisle change, unlike cumbersome rails.
    • The 23" wide platforms can be simultaneously placed on both sides of a mobile for quick harvest.
    • Featuring a unique retractable in-rack design, the platform seamlessly withdraws when not in use, or for urgent access, optimizing access to crops and eliminating the need for frequent setup and teardown.
    • The safety bars secure the mobiles to avoid any overturn possibilities and are also used as guards for the end of the platform.
    • For row ends, retractable cantilever arms support the platforms and can be folded back when not in use to minimize obstruction and maximize space.
    • Aluminum adjustable anti-slip step ladder available in multiple dimensions to fit the desired platform heights.


Platform: Single-piece platform made of powder coated high tensile strength aluminum components assembled with stainless steel hardware. Has a capacity of 650lbs per 8ft section and designed to be hooked on one side of the aisle and then pivoted and snapped to the other side of the aisle.

Platform Corner Brackets: Low-profile powder coated galvanized steel components with stainless steel hardware design to not impede on the aisle so that they can be left at their designated height on the racking for quick platform installation and removal. Can also serve to hold the folded platforms when not in use while still allowing the closing of the aisle.

Step Ladder: Adjustable ladder made of powder coated aluminum components assembled with stainless steel hardware and featuring anti-slip material on each step. Available in multiple lengths for access to different platform heights.

Cantilever End Supports: Made of powder coated aluminum and galvanized steel components with stainless steel hardware. Designed to withstand the platform capacity and can be folded down when not in use for minimal footprint. Must be used with Safety Bars to avoid overturning.


The Montel GreenWalkTM platform system is optimized for applications with Montel GREENRAK® high-density mobile grow systems utilizing Montel GROWRAKTM vertical grow rack.

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